Thursday, June 27, 2013

Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics Outsourcing Services

"Data today is being termed as the "new currency", the "new oil", the new "natural resource" and yet it is surprising that most organizations do not use this huge arsenal of data available to improve decision making and drive results." 

Embracing data in any size, shape or form helps organizations transform their huge customer data inventory into actionable insights through the use of extensive data analytics and predictive modeling services. 

Organizations that institutionalize extensive Customer Analytics into their decision management and reporting systems stand out and stay ahead of their competition as they have a clear and precise understanding of their customer base and treat data as a business asset that needs to be nurtured and worked on by applying Analytics driven data transformation that deliver actionable insights and impact based results. 

Customer Analytics & Reporting outsourcing services include:

·         Campaign Design & Tracking 
·         Customer Segmentation &Profiling
·         Life Time Value Modeling
·         Propensity Modeling
·         Customer Churn Analytics
·         Customer Loyalty Analytics
·         Customer Satisfaction Analytics
·         Spend Optimization Analytics
·         Retention Prediction scorecards
·         Revival Scorecards and Segmentation
·         Early warning churn prediction model
·         Market Basket Analysis
·         Cross sell- Up sell
·         New/Inline product Forecasts
·         Cross Channel Effectiveness
·         Demand, Supply and Inventory Planning 

You may find the below Case Studies worth a read.

Case Study: Customer Churn Analytics for a large Telecommunications provider in the United States
Market Equations India developed a Customer Churn Analysis Scorecard services for a large Telecom service provider in the United States to identify key churn drivers and helping them retain subscribers by implementing churn prevention strategies. 
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Case Study: Cross Sell Analytics strategies on a financial portfolio
Market Equations India helps a leading financial services group leverage its huge customer database to attract customers towards its various other financial products using innovative and smartly designed cross sell strategies. 
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Case Study: Customer Portfolio analytics and Loan performance optimization services
Market Equations India helps one of the largest Car rental dealerships in the US build incisive and comprehensive predictive models to help the dealership predict profitable future loans while avoiding unprofitable loans, design optimum pricing strategies and optimize portfolio performance to maximize revenue. 
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